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Our suppliers

As a transparent brand 
we want to share with you information that we believe is essential.

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In our process to promoting and enhancing the know-how of French breeders, producers, tanners, weavers, and leatherworkers, we have decided to present you in all transparency our suppliers. 

Those are uncompromising professionals proud of their know-how, which spans generations. We deal with them fairly and honestly, because we know them all personally. 

In addition, our suppliers are based on common values regarding quality: 100% local production and a short production channel. All these objectives connect us as brands wishing to promote the "Made in France" label.

Our Prices

Our prices are first and foremost a recognition of the know-how of our craftsmen, their rigor, and the time they invest in our creations.

The manufacture of a single model requires many hours of work. So, from creation to final packaging, they are made in a country where employees are protected by French labor law. 

Moreover, each model is cut, glued, sewn and pampered by hand using the highest quality materials sourced from French suppliers.

The cost of the latter is added to the final price of a Nilau piece. When you wear one of our creations, you embrace French craftsmanship and the revalorization of local materials.

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