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Leather bag maintenance tips

Comment prendre soin des sacs Nilau ?

Voici quelques recommandations générales et conseils d’entretien pour préserver votre sac en cuir afin qu’il se conserve et qu’il puisse se transmettre de génération en génération :

  1. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes, or cosmetics. If your item should get wet, dab the area with a soft, clear fabric to absorb the liquid.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources.
  3. Store it in its protective dust bag when not in use. Also, remember to store the shoulder straps inside the bag to avoid damaging them or put pressure on the metal parts and leather. Do not store it in a place that is too hot, humid, or unventilated.

Remember that as a living material, leather evolves, softens, and develops a patina over time, especially the natural cowhide found in the lining. This tough hide, which serves to stiffen the bag, will gradually patina and become slightly darker. This is why color variations, small marks, or veins, on the leather, are natural elements and should not be considered imperfections.

Ostrich leather care

Ostrich leather is known for its flexibility, strength, and durability. To keep it unchanged, this leather must be stored away from direct sunlight, but also moisture and dust.

Although ostrich leather is drought resistant, it should not be neglected. Before any cleaning, it must be dusted with a soft bristle brush or a microfiber cloth. Then, apply a specific suitable product (for example beeswax, synthetic wax, or mink fat) before rubbing gently in a circular motion, always with a soft cloth. Then leave to dry.

Do not apply too much product on it and choose the one that is specifically suited. Beforehand, do a test on a small non-visible area in order to see the reaction of the leather.

cuir précieux marron
cuir marin upcyclé

Salmon leather care

Marine leather has a structure that differs from others. Indeed, their fibers are crisscrossed, which allows a much greater resistance to tearing than conventional leathers.

In contrast, salmon leathers are maintained like traditional leathers.

If you notice that your leather is getting a little dry, you can use suede leather care products or just baby moisturizer (its properties are very good for nourishing and moisturizing leathers, including fish leathers).

For a better care, store it in a cool, clean place indoors with balanced humidity.

Linen care

Linen is a light and very resistant material.

This natural plant fiber can present irregularities, proof of its authenticity.

Be careful not to scratch or rub your bag against abrasive surfaces.

To clean it, rub it gently with a microfiber cloth slightly damp with soapy water, avoiding the leather parts.

Do not use solvents in case of stains. Do not put it in the washing machine or do a dry wash.

lin blanc

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