NOUVEAUTÉ – Notre cabas boise, la pièce parfaite pour l’été !



Le meilleur sac à main de la saison fait partie de la collection bi-matière de Nilau

The materials in Nilau's permanent collection have been selected for their richness to bring a unique signature.
The permanent bi-material collection is the perfect balance between the purity of the french linen on one side
and the assertive character of exceptional ostrich or salmon leather on the other.

A French brand par excellence, Nilau is unanimously acclaimed for its quality!

If you'd like more information about this bi-material collection, we'd be delighted to hear from you. 

Luxury leather goods brand Nilau, specializing in ostrich leather, is rediscovering artisanal techniques and ancestral traditions. Each piece is exclusively handcrafted in the heart of a family-run workshop in France, celebrating the excellence of French know-how.

Attention to details and quality is also reflected in the precious materials used. The interior is made from natural cowhide, while the exterior is a marriage of linen and ostrich or salmon leather. Maison Nilau is committed to using only natural materials, excluding any recourse to synthetics.

Nilau's creations incorporate natural linen, a material renowned for its strength and timeless charm. Thanks to its distinctive weave, the bags acquire an elegant texture while benefiting from unfailing resistance. Although this material may seem delicate, careful preparation and regular maintenance will preserve it from any signs of wear and tear.

Each Nilau collection has its own special characteristics:

- The exclusive design is made entirely from genuine ostrich leather.

 -The permanent is the result of a unique combination of precious salmon and ostrich leathers with linen canvas.

- Finally, the capsule collection is a limited edition produced to order. Dressed in upcycled cowhide, the bags are unique.

However, even if the materials and leathers used are different, the craftsman's know-how remains the same. 

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